SASI- Facilities

Computer Labs

The institute strives to make learning more creative, interactive and information driven by using sophisticated computer techniques. It is fully equipped with latest systems to inculcate computing skills among the students of Commerce and Science. As the Competetive and entrance exams are conducted online our students are trained by providing proper guidance through demo's and mock online exams.

Langauge Lab

The purpose of a language lab is to involve students to actively participate in language learning exercises and get more practice than otherwise possible in a traditional classroom environment.

Science Lab

To enhance the learning ability and skill and impart practical exposure about theoretical concepts, the school has a large number of modern laboratory systems, including:Physics, Multimedia, Chemistry, Art & Craft Studio, Biology (Life Sciences), Languages.

Smart Class Rooms

The Teach Next SMART CLASSROOM technology is a world-class technology enabled teaching tool in special classrooms are equipped with multiple display monitors and big interactive screen and a PC for the teacher, which are digitally connected to the knowledge centre. Through the knowledge centre excellent teaching resources such as animation clips, videos, pictures, diagrams and working models etc. are brought straight in the classroom.


The college has it's own ply of buses connecting all the near by villages in the radius of 25 kms.The transportation charges depend on the distance of the school from the branch.This service is offered ensuring a hassle-free and safe transportation.


Life in a hostel means a whole panorama of experiences that span from making 'friends for life', to gaining the confidence to face life independently. That is why we have laid a lot of emphasis in creating a warm, welcoming, invigorating and home-like atmosphere in our separate boys and girls hostels. At SASI- Velivennu, the hostel is a home away from home, where the children develop the confidence to be independent, be it friendships, food, belongings, rooms, joys, sorrows, challenges or any of the uncountable experiences of growing-up together.

                 The SASI –Velivennu hostel has modern air-conditioned and refreshing buildings, built with the explicit purpose of offering a stimulating and enriching experience where students can learn to 'learn for life'. The caring and understanding support staff including housekeepers, matrons, ayahs, laundry and maintenance staff, wardens and of course the principal and teachers guide and pay special attention to the hostel students.


Dining is a special time as all eat together 'Family Style' in a large Dining Hall. Boys and Girls have separate dining halls. Quality home style, hygienic, nutritious Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Indian, Chinese and Continental meals are served. All the children eat together under the supervision of the Hostel staff. Drinking water is supplied form our own SASI mineral water plant.

Medical Facility

The hostel runs a Health Centre under the supervision of a team of doctors for providing facilities of medical check-up and treatment to resident students along with qualified nurses who are in attendance 24 hours a day. Regular talks and orientations are also held for the children on various health and hygiene related issues.


Besides the academic activities Students would like to get tensions relieved and focused on fun and physique. Sports activities help the students to keep them fit both mentally and physically.For the overall development of a student to be placed in the highest realms, they have to be physically, mentally, emotionally and intellectually top in their field. Our institute provides excellent sports facilities and intensive sport programs to make the students improve in all situations and circumstances.