SASI- Chairman

Sri. Burugupalli Venu Gopala Krishna, the Chairman of Sasi Educational Society is a well known personality in the field of education for the last 37 years in Godavari Districts of Andhra Pradesh.

He believes in hard work and always says “Success is measured not by what you create for yourself but by what you leave behind”. As a man of integrity and honesty, he sets an example for all and loves to stay with the students in the campus, motivating and molding them into ideal students.

In the highly competitive field of education, it may be a glorious dream for any educationist to see his school as the best and get an award at least once in life. But Mr. B. Venu Gopala Krishna has outsmarted everyone by winning the state best school award five times consecutively. It is testimony for his lifelong devotion for the cause of education.

Our Chairman

Mr. B. Venu Gopala Krishna, the son of a small farmer, is now a lord of his educational empire which has more than 10, 000 students. One can understand well the meaning of commitment and dedication when one walks through the corridors of the schools and the colleges.

By starting his school in the small village, Velivennu, he has proved it loud and clear that wherever you work with commitment and dedication, you will make a mark and attract the attention of millions.

The schools he started got the best school awards consecutively, the junior colleges he established produce many national and state level ranks year after year, the achievements of SASI Educational Society is outstanding, but his thirst for service in the field of education still remains unquenchable and insatiable. It is no exaggeration to say that he stands as a role model for many young enthusiastic educationists.

With Gopala Krishna’s leadership, Sasi English Medium School has bagged state best school award five times during 2003-04, 2004-05, 2005-06, 2006-07 & 2008-09. He’s not only known for his academic achievement moreover he’s the man with kind heart and his services to the society are immeasurable. He proved it by donating huge amounts in the name of CM’s Relief Fund, Kargil Relief Fund, Helpage India and other social service organizations. He is keen in rural development and thus in the process he established most of the educational institutions in rural areas.